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The Lean Machines Fitness book review

Hello beauties,

Vicky here. Since reviewing joe wicks lean in 15 book seemed to be a big hit with you all, I thought why not try out and review another healthy living book!

After doing some research I found out two Youtubers (John Chapman and Leon Bustin) created a book called  'The Lean Machines: Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome' I instantly felt this book was more suited for me because it contains around 30 workouts and focuses on healthy mindfulness as well as just eating well and excising.

The book is around £12 if you find a good deal on amazon (I paid £10!) and is filled with colourful images and even examples of how to achieve the correct technique for the harder workout moves.

I have tried this book out for a few weeks now and the man positive for me was that the workouts vary in 3 levels, there is a beginner plan, intermediate and an expert level (which looks insanely intense) I started on the beginner one as this workout requires no equipment at all! I now have a mini gym in my garage though with a selection of weights, a bench, mirror and yoga mat. These items are perfect for the intermediate workout which introduces weight training.

Another great addition to this book is it also has a gym plan if you feel more motivated. These are quite fun as well but my favourite have to be the home workouts.

Compared to books such as Joe Wicks lean in 15, the workouts are more intense and will make you SWEAT! But don't be alarmed - this is just fat crying ;) The workouts are also a lot longer and there is around 4 a week, on average they take an hour to complete but you see the results very quickly so it is not hard to maintain a motivated attitude. 

I would definitely say this is my favourite book so far, the only negative I can think of is I am not a huge fan of the recipes. There are some good ones but a lot of them are not that quick. Despite this it wasn't too much of a problem for me as I didn't buy the book for the recipes. The book also shows you how to work out the nutritional requirements you need based on your weight, goals and active level - so its easy to tailor your own meal plan to this information.

All in all, this book is my number one and is yet to be beaten. I honestly could not recommend this enough - I am still enjoying all the workouts and will continue this for quite a few months!

As always, lots of love, Hamptons x

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