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Top 10 makeup products of 2016

Hi beauties!

It's been a while since the new year, however I have had plenty of time to decide upon my top 10 best makeup buys of 2016! So let's get reviewing...

Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation

Now this won't come as a surprise to you but this foundation is still my yearly favourite. I have previously written a detailed blogpost on this foundation, so follow the link and check it out here. The foundation is quite pricey at £32 however I guarantee its worth every penny. The finish is more dewy than matte which makes it perfect for people with oily skin and drier skin alike. Overall I think what makes me reach for this product nearly daily is the high coverage and lightweight texture.

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette

An oldie but goldie. This palette has become such a staple of mine for a neutral eye look. The palette comes with 9 shades for £32 which all compliment one another and can be mixed and matched. This palette is an alternative to their older one with neural shimmer shades. The colour pay off is perfect as and really easy to blend. If I could only have one eyeshadow palette, this would be the one as its so versatile. The palette also comes with a how-to glamour guide, showing step by step instructions for achieving three different eye looks.
 Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder

The next top 10 product is the beloved Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder. This setting powder is so finely milled, it feels like silk when putting it on. I use the powder to bake my under eyes and it makes such a massive difference. By the end of my busy days I'm left with panda eyes but this powder stops my undereye makeup smudging. The powder retails for £29.

Urban Decay primer potion in Eden
A known cult product I still can't find a primer that overtakes my trusty primer potion. This stuff lasts ages I still haven't needed to replace it making it totally worth the slightly my pricey price tag of £16. If you're looking for a primer that covers any pesky veins on your eye - girl I understand - then this primer will cover perfectly as it has a slight tint. The primer comes in different forms, another popular one being the anti-ageing primer potion.

Stila Stay all day waterproof
What can I really say about this product except AMAZING. Totally worth the price this liquid liner makes it so easy to create that sharp wing us girls (and guys) dream about. This product is better known in the US but there ratings and reviews speak for the product.

Bare Minerals Ready color boost in the wave
The newest edition out of all these products I recieved this product as a present. The palette is cardboard and magnetic however its sturdy as anything and really dainty. I love using this to add warmth to my face especially the blush and bronzer on the right. They all act as highlighters with sheen but they look so natural on. This product is quite hard to find in England however QVC do stock it.

Mac mascara in Extreme Dimension 3D black lash
If you're looking for a mascara that lifts and makes you look like you're wearing false lashes then this is the one for you. Retailing at £19, Mac describe it as "a carbon black mascars with a large molded brush that creates extreme volume and curl". I naturally have down faced lashes so this mascara is perfect for curling them right up.

Real Techniques brush

Another present and again another recent edition, I know this product is a makeup brush but I couldn't write this post without mentioning it. From there Bold Metals edition this is definitely a luxury item at £14.65 for the one brush. I did receive the complete set of brushes however this one stands out. The shape of the brush helps create that perfect, chiselled cheekbone look, while the sleek handle looks so pretty. The bristles also feel really soft on the skin, which is a huge bonus.

Collection lasting perfection concealer
This drugstore concealer is a hidden gem. The coverage is high with the consistency creamy and light, also lasting for a full day. I've been using this concealer for years as my go to undereye concealer and no other concealer has topped it. I've lost track of how any magic tubes of this stuff I've already got through! The concealer retails for £4.19 however you can get it cheaper in some stores like Wilkos.

Benefit boi-ing and eye bright
The final product I selected was the Benefit boi-ing concealer and eye bright. This little sample gives you two products in one to try, however I just use the eye bright. The lavender coloured cream is perfect to counter act dark circles. Simply swipe the cream under the eyes and then put your concealer over the top as normal. The use of this product is such a quick step but makes such a difference to the look of my under eyes - and you all know that I suffer with dark under eye bags. You can buy the products separately however you can usually purchase this product in deals such as Boots 3 for £15 on benefit minis.

Already excited thinking of what new products I can write about for 2017's top 10 makeup products.

The Hamptons x

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