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Real techniques Bold metals ultimate set review

Hello Beauties,

Vicky here.

Now imagine the scenario; Christmas has just passed and a broke student goes to the shopping center ready for the January sales. She longs to be able to take advantage of the fantastic deals being offered, but only having the money to purchase items that are essential (makeup or clothes do not count) Sounds pitiful right? Right. So pitiful that her Dad felt that sympathetic that he decided to treat her to something she would never be able to justify buying for herself. What was this delight you may ask? Only the full real techniques Bold metals collection brushes!

Now I am not one to splurge on makeup brushes, mainly because I have bulk bought a load of brushes on amazon for £20 and I have never had any problems with them. Despite this, I recently bought two Real techniques brushes (the small triangle concealer one and the blending brush) and I now see why it is worth investing.

Now to give some details. The set is retailed at £120 however it is currently on offer at Boots for £55! The set includes 7 brushes which can create any look; 100 Arched Powder, 101 Triangle foundation, 200 Oval shadow, 201 Pointed crease, 300 Tapered blush, 301 Flat contour and the 202 Angled Liner.

Out of all of these my least favourite is the triangle brush, purely because it is quite hard to work with compared to my usual stippling brush, but it is still a good brush and I have found that patting it slightly stops foundation applying streaky.

My favourite brush has to be the angled liner brush! I FREAKING LOVE THIS! It is perfect for when you have a smokey eye but need some soft shadow liner around your eye to complete the look. Just dampen it with some water and use a black or brown eye shadow to create a natural look.

These brushes are expensive however I completely believe they are worth it. Despite from a stippling brush, every brush you need is in this set and they all are really good quality. For less then half the price its silly not to go grab this bargain!

As always, lots of love,
Hamptons x

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