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Rice krispie Christmas Trees

Hello Beauties,

Vicky here with a Christmas inspired post. I am going to tell you guys how to make these little gems for any last minute parties or gifts.
Now these are in theory are simple however do not mistaken these - they are not as easy as they look!

300g white chocolate
250g rice krispies
5 large drops of GEL green colouring
2 flakes
Parchment paper

Multicoloured stars
Icing sugar
Silver and gold edible glitter

Firstly, you have to double boil by boiling a pot of water underneath another bowl where the chocolate sits. I found that you should work quickly but add in few pieces at a time.

Next add the gel food colouring. DO NOT use liquid colouring because this will make the mixture stop melting. If you only have liquid, then add it in to the next step inside of straight into the chocolate.

Pour in your melted chocolate into a bowl with the rice krispies in and mix all together. Pour in the a few more drops of colouring if necessary.

Use small bowls to draw out circles on parchment paper and cut them out, to create cone shapes. Fill these cones with the mixture and compress to make sure they will hold their shapes. Then they are ready to go in the fridge or a cold room for a few hours.

To decorate mix some icing sugar with water and food dye to create a thick paste. Stick these into the chopped up flakes (make sure they are chopped straight so they stand) Use the paste to add stars and paint on the glitter. To finish use a sieve to dust with icing sugar to replicate snow.

And...your done! These are best consumer within a day as they start to go soft but they are yummy and look fab!

I hope you have a try and enjoy!
Lots of love, Hamptons x

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