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PNY and Varta portable phone charger reviews

Hi Beauties,
PNY powerpack and VARTA powerpack

Jess here with a different type of review. As some of you will be aware, Vicky and I went to the Scarlett London blogger event to meet up with companies and fellow bloggers; meeting two tech companies PNY and VARTA during our time there.

The first was a company called PNY, which for the more geeky, specialises in "solid-State Drives,Memory ModulesNVIDIA® GeForce Graphics CardsFlash Memory Cards,USB Flash DrivesPowerPacks, as well as there complete line up of mobile accessories". They tailor for the more informed users, to complete beginners; to even handy accessories for beauty bloggers. 

The product I was given to review was the PNY powerpack credit card CC2500 which is purposely designed to be ultra thin so it takes less room in your handbag. The powerpack is powerful enough to provide one full extra charge, which is ideal for the size. A small USB cable is included with the powerpack, as well as the powerpack already being pre-charged - so you can use it immediately. 

Now for the more technical side.. 

The power pack's power comes from the 2500mAh Lithium-Polymer battery, with the exact dimensions being 93v60v7mm. The usb cable is 5 volts 1 amp, however you can connect your own cable to the usb port, which I did for my iphone to charge. The powerpack works with all smartphones, and charges easily by connecting the USB cable to your computer.

Ultimately, the portable charger is sleek, stylish and does the job. I would have preferred the powerpack to be more powerful; but I cannot complain for the size.

The next portable phone charger is from a company called VARTA which specialises in batteries. Now this might not sound the most interesting thing to produce but when they were talking about all the research that goes into the company, I was very impressed. The VARTA powerpack 2600 itself is round like most portable chargers, meaning its not as stylish as the PNY charger. However, this is compromised by the range of different colours to choose from - Vic and I obviously choosing the pastel blue colour. The powerpack boasts charging a variety of different devices, such as smartphone, mp3 player, activity trackers and gaming controllers. Similar to the PNY powerpack, it also charges a full 100% with a handy LED blue light indicating how much juice is left so to speak.

Boring info.. the electrochemical system is Li-Ion with a height and diameter of 99mm by 24mm and weighing only 61grams! This is definitely small but mighty powerpack.

Overall, it was lovely meeting the representatives of each respective company and having a good old nerdy chat. I highly recommend both portable chargers which show both practicality and moderninity. 

The Hamptons x
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