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bareMInerals matte powder & primer review

Hi Beauties,

Vicky here. Lately the weather has been particularly hot, meaning a full face of makeup is not the best idea. So I went to selfridges seeking advice from the knowledgeable makeup artists, who advised me to try bareMinerals.

The two bareMinerals products that I ended up getting was the 'matte powder' and the 'prime time'.

The bareMinerals matte powder is quite well known and popular for those who desire a light-medium coverage. I have always been curious to try this as I like the idea of having a powder which covers as well as a foundation and I was not disappointed. I got the shade fair (surprise surprise the palest one) and it blends perfectly and suits my skin tone like a dream.

The overall coverage is quite light but it is very buildable. I have also noticed wearing it has meant that I have generally worn less makeup, which is an added bonus for my skin.

My favourite thing about this foundation is that it does stay very matte throughout the day and is very portable so you can just top it up when you need a bit more coverage.

As it is a lighter foundation that what I am used to, the beauty rep recommended the primer to go with it. I have used this primer quite a lot with not only this foundation but with other ones too.

Unlike most foundations that I am used to it is actually tinted so works well with the powder to create a higher coverage. It also does keep your makeup in place.

I would really recommend to get the powder if you are after a light - medium cover but I wouldn't say the primer is necessary. I think if the primer was slightly cheaper I would be more tempted but for a going out primer it is really nice for the extra flawless look.

As always I hope you enjoyed, lots of love, Hamptons x

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