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How to get back into fitness

Hello Beauties,

(Vicky here) This week I wanted to do something different than normal, so instead of posting my tips on how to get into fitness, I decided to create this short clip explaining them instead.

Below is a brief overview of my advice:

Tip 1) Take your vitamins!

Tip 2) Invest in things you enjoy (fitness books, cook books, gym classes) 

Tip 3) Set goals and be accountable

Tip 4) If you don't buy bad food - you won't eat it!

As I mentioned, if you are happy and healthy then there is no need to change - you do you! If you want to be dedicated to fitness and healthy eating then go for it, these are just some things I do to keep me on track or what I do to get back into it.

As always, lots of love, Hamptons x

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