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YouTube Beauty Haul

YouTube Beauty Haul

Hello Beauties,

Jessica here with an exciting youtube beauty haul - I will warn you, this is going to be a long post. I'm sure many of you have heard of youtubers Zoella and Tanya Burr, and with the new release of Zoella's Sweet Inspirations and Tanya's Soft Luxe collection I was intrigued to try some of their products. 

First off is Zoella's collection with the Body Fondant shimmer balm. Going on holiday soon I have been on the lookout for a product which will give my legs a nice sheen - especially with a tan and this product hits the spot! Holy smokes this stuff is divine. The outer packaging looks really sophisticated - perfect for those more mature fans of hers with the pale blue pretty cardboard box. You can see from the packaging instantly that despite the tub being fairly large, only a third of it holds the balm (which is ok if you are already aware of this). Upon opening, there's an adorable puff with a lace handle, however I felt the puff could have been slightly bigger to distribute the product more evenly.
Zoella body fondant

The product itself appears to look orange and while on her video she describes there being no orange tint when you apply the balm, I found there was a slight almost bronze tint afterwards - although it is not obvious enough to detect from afar and looked stunning on my horrid pale legs. Once massaged onto my legs, I was left with the most beautiful subtle sheen which slimmed my legs down immediately and made my legs look like they'd just stepped out of a Venus razor ad! 

Overall for £10 I can tell this will be a must have for summer and I will certainly be taking this on holiday with me.

Next up to review is the Tanya Burr matte liquid lipsticks in two of the three new shades released. The first one, Martha Moo is a nude-pink with some brown undertones. I was expecting the payoff for this lipstick to be slightly more brown however it is a nice nude. As mentioned, the product is a liquid lipstick consistency meaning it is more drying on the lips; but this meant the lipstick lasted ages on my lips and didn't transfer so I cannot complain. 

From the left Rhubarb & Custard and Martha Moo
The next lipstick up for review is called rhubarb and custard. WOW this stuff is bright pink, I absolutely loved it however when I showed Vic she looked at me in horror saying she could never rock that bold lip; luckily for me I love a good bold lip (the brighter the better). Don't fret though, Vic said it looked really nice on, however this shade will only be for the more daring of you. Both shades lasted a long time on my lips (including a meal out and drinking plenty of ciders while watching the European football match.)

 (top to bottom) moonlit walk, coca plum, berry souffle, magic carpet
The final product under review is the Tanya Burr eyeshadow palette in enchanted dream. Now I must be honest, I cannot stand the packaging as I think it looks too childish and tacky. I was hoping when Tanya announced she was releasing a new range that she would change the packaging but I can deal with it for these pretty shades. The three lighter shades have a shimmer to them where as the darker shade (magic carpet) is matte. In terms of the colour payoff, the eyeshadows are lovely and creamy, especially for the price (although when testing them, I did notice magic carpet was harder to blend). All of the shades are beautiful and compliment each other perfectly, however, I would stress to use magic carpet sparingly and build it up so its easier to handle.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of all the products for the price and hope that both youtubers will include more products which appeal to their older audiences. 

Hamptons x

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