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New Year Goal setting: Make the 'new you' finally happen!


Hi Beauties,

Vicky here! As this is first blog post of 2019, I felt it would only be appropriate to dedicate a post on 'goal setting.'

I am sure many of you have already started thinking about things you would like to achieve this year. Many (myself included) go through this process with the highest motivation for the first few months, and then forget about those tasks which were set, to only remember half way through the year and think "Oh well, I'll start next year.' This year I am not letting that happen, so I decided to create a 2019 mood board, where I would be able to visually see my goals and therefore be more accountable!

In order to create the 2019 mood board, I firstly set some realistic goals.
Ever heard of SMART goal setting? A good goal will be one which is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound (complete by 2020). The easiest way I found to do this, was to think about the person I wanted to become (self-improvement), think of an educational goal, a career goal, hobbies (which I've always wanted to do but never "got round to doing it") and a family/friends orientated goal.

Just for inspiration my goals are:
1) Hobby:
- Figure skate in the Christmas show.
- Gain 200 Youtube subscribers.
- Dress the way I want to dress more frequently: #EXTRA.

2) Educational/career:
- Graduate my Business and Marketing Management degree with a 2:1
- Learn Spanish to a basic level (enabling a conversation)
- Earn a digital marketing job after graduation.

3) Self-imprvement:
- Clean up my room weekly.
- Start practising a more positive mental outlook. (I'll be reading some books to do this)
- Smile more.... andddd get over my fear of the dentist!
- Maintain a weekly gym routine (up visits from 2 to 3-4 visits per week)

4) Family/friends:
- Meet up for 'family day' once a month.
- Treat friends the way I want to be treated. (Make more of an effort with friends by meeting up/chatting/texting, etc.)

Once you have chosen your goals, it is best to print out visual representations of them through images/photos/quotes - anything that will provide a visual stimuli. Make sure to also print a few quotes, as well as a central quote to keep you focused throughout the year. Mine is:

'Make it f•king happen.'

Finally grab a large piece of card (or an #EXTRA metallic foam board) and stick your 'goals' around your board, with the text '2019' in bold text. Then you're ready to go!
Remember to hang the board up somewhere you can see it daily and start putting your goals into action today.

Happy goal setting!

The Hampton's x

*Image source: Google images: '2019 NEW YEAR, NEW ME' (2019)
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