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Joe Wicks healthy recipes and workout review

Hello Beauties,

It's Vicky here. I hope all is well and that everyone is having a fabulous day!

Recently, a fitness guru called Joe Wicks has become very well recognised, producing two cook books and a TV show. His book is instantly become a hit with his yummy, quick recipes and easy to do workouts. I thought I would see what all the fuss is about and give his 'lean in 15' book a go.

First of a bit of information about me:
Without revealing all my flaws and insecurities to the internet, I would say that I am not completely happy with my weight (not many people are!) I don't think I am overweight but I am not at my happiest weight wise. All I want is to get back to a place where I can be proud of my body. I want to feel strong, healthy and like I can conquer anything.

Exercise plan
Despite the fact that Joe Wicks' book is a recipe book, at the back of it he has a few chapters dedicated to explaining the importance of exercise and giving an achievable work out plan. He focuses on HIT training (High Interval Training)  This means that you perform an exercise intensely for 30 seconds and then you have a 45 second rest. You repeat this 6 times, choosing whichever exercises you want from: running on the spot, burpees, mountain climbers, running with punches, tuck jumps and star jumps.

Once you complete this you then do some weight training. The idea is you do 10 reps with 60 second breaks in between and 10 sets of these. The exercises are made to be quite strenuous on the muscles and intense - something you will definitely be feeling the next day.  Once this is done you then repeat the HIT and weight training once again.

The workout plan is designed to be something you can do at home and I do them every two days. So all you will need are a few weights. I found some lying around my parents house so I dusted them off and brought them to University with me.

I really like the recipes because they are all designed to be quick meals. This means cooking my lunch for the next day takes no time at all! He emphasis's the importance of meal prep. As a particularly lazy student the most prepared I will get is preparing the day before and I have to say it hasn't been that time consuming.

The book contains so many yummy recipes such as turkey burgers - my favourite. Also burritos, salads, protein pancakes - all the recipes are high in protein, with a little healthy fat. 

I have found that the book has inspired me to workout and even cook more! Now I actually look forward to working hard and enjoying healthy food without the feeling of guilt looming above me. I even had a go at cooking my own quick recipe...

My steak, rice salad with sweet chilli dip
- 1 Steak mandolins 
- Lettuce
- 1 cup rice
- Minted peas
- Broccoli 
- Wholemeal wrap

Just boil the rice and veg and then throw everything else into a pan of coconut oil - quick easy and perfect for lunch.

I hope you enjoy and if you are after a fitness recipe book I would sooooo recommend that this is the one you invest in.

Love as always,
The Hamptons x


  1. Hi beauties fantastic review and it has inspired me to give it a go. If I can do it then anyone can will let you know how I got on x busy mum c

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