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Colouring correcting

Hello Beauties.

Vicky here, with a well needed lesson on colour correcting.

Colour correcting has been around for a while but never really taken off until recently. I myself have never used this technique, but with high street brands bringing out higher quality products, its so easy to pick up brightly coloured correcting sticks now.

Before I get into the details of the colours and brand I tried out, I'll explain how colour correcting works.

Different colours can neutralise the shades of other colours; just as heat can be affected by coolness, colours can change the appearance other colours pigmentation. I created a wheel of which colours counteract which areas and colours on your face.

Obviously, depending on the shade of your skin depends on which colours will work the best, but these are the ones that work for me when I'm au naturel and when I have a tan.
Originally, I had bought the green CC stick, however for £8 each, I thought these were quite expensive. Instead I found in TKMax a set of colour correctors for £12.99 by a brand called bellapierre cosmetics. The set includes a contour cream, a green camouflage cream, a dark circle eliminator, a banana setting powder and a small buffing brush.

Green Camouflage Cream

This colour (as shown in the wheel) is used to cover up redness. I used this to cover up the red pigmentation I have on my face from previous spots which scarred.  I used the brush to apply the cream and blend it out.

It did instantly remove the redness from my face, although it made me look extremely pale. This is normal when you counteract the colours, so I would recommend only using it where its necessary. I found that applying it other the top of my foundation worked the best, so that I could contour, highlight and bronze afterwards.

Dark circle eliminator 

Similarly to the camouflage cream, this eliminator was so easy to apply and blended so well. 

I used this over my foundation on my under eyes. It cancelled out my dark bags and is so handy when I'm looking tired. What I love about this is it really does brighten well, so it is a brilliant highlight as well. Not only have I used this under my eyes, but I have also used a little on the bridge of my nose and the inner circles of my eye. The combination of the eliminator and the camouflage cream creates a completely flawless base - perfect for the night time or when you want an ultra defined look.

Contour cream
I now use this cream daily! It is so perfect for the sides of my nose to create a chiseled look. The brush provided is quite small so it fits perfect for my nose, however I wouldn't recommend using it for contouring under your cheek bones. I tried to use a bigger brush but I just found it's not the right colour for the hollows of my cheek.

Contour cream

Banana Setting powder
I really don't know why I didn't try colour correcting sooner! It makes such a difference and leaves me with the most flawless skin! I would suggest to maybe only use this for a night time look but if there is some discolouration on your face than I could not recommend this enough!

Hope you enjoyed!

Hamptons x


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