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Surprise 50th outing in Birmingham

Hi beauties,

So a few weeks ago a very special lady turned 50..our mother, Glynis! Unfortunately on her birthday she was away in Hong Kong however Vic and I planned a surprise trip to Birmingham for when she returned.

As any of you students out there can sympathise, it's not a nice feeling being on a student budget and wanting to shower someone with gifts, however, this inspired us to look for deals, resulting in us discovering Groupon (link here). Groupon is a site that offers users discounted experiences, restaurants, activities etc. Here we found two unique deals that our mom would absolutely love!

Rodizio in Viva Brazil

First off, we went to this restaurant for a late lunch called Viva Brazil. What attracted us to this restaurant is how unique the experience is there. When you're seated, you receive a little token with red and green sides that you turn depending on whether you'd like some food. From here, staff go round the tables carrying giant skewers of different meat and ask if you'd like some of the meat. If you say yes (which is a given) they carve the meat at the table in front of you, while you use tongs to put the meat on your plate. This is accompanied with a buffet that you go and help yourself too. I will admit, when it said it was just a buffet I was a bit apprehensive however hot food is also included, my favourites including garlic buttered mash, banana fritters, and seafood paella. As if this wasn't cool enough, you receive a sheet on arrival with a list of all the different meats which will go round (around 14 in total). Once the staff have carved your chosen meat they then tick it off so you know what you've tried!

Also included in this deal was a traditional Brazilian cocktail each AND dessert. The dessert was so nice, us all going for a hazelnut chocolate tart which was basically like eating a block of rich chocolate. Needless to say we were all stuffed after the meal, and will definitely go back again. They also added sprinkles and some strawberries and cream to moms as a happy birthday which was lovely.

Here is a link to the restaurant if you want to check it out which I highly recommend.

Wine tasting at Drinks Emporium

Our mother loves her wine, so when she discovered we were going wine tasting she was thrilled. When we first got there the man running the experience opened a bottle of very expensive champagne and announced it was our moms birthday, which Vic and I were amazed by and made the experience so much more special! We then sat around a table and drunk 3 white wines, 1 rose and 4 red wines, while he showed us how to properly taste wine and look for the undertones. It was fascinating watching him talk about the wines, seeing his passion which drew you in. It was so nice as everyone there was chatting away, so good wine and good company. 

Afterwards, we all had to buy a few bottles of wine as it the wine all tasted amazing - and me, Vic and mom actually found a red wine we all enjoy which is a first.

Here is a link to the shop if you want to check it out which I highly recommend.

Overall the experience was so nice and the extra details both companies added was so thoughtful. I'd really recommend checking these both out and Groupon. 

Happy birthday mom and thank you for doing everything you do.

Love, the Hamptons x

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