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Pro Whitening Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder Review

Hi Beauties,

Jess here. With an exciting review over something I'm very conscious about.. teeth whitening!

I've always been conscious about my teeth looking slightly stained, and longed for that glamorous white smile celebrities seem to have. however I never find anything that works without breaking the bank. I've tried toothpastes, gels, you name it, and whilst they make a difference; the colour never seems to last.

Until I tested out Pro Teeth Whitening. I was lucky enough to try their whitening powder and cannot fault this product!

The powder is so fun to use, putting a pinch of the activated charcoal powder onto your palm, wetting your tooth brush and dipping into the powder to brush onto your teeth. Activated charcoal is already well known for its whitening properties, and the inner child within loves seeing my teeth covered in black, to then rinse and unveil whiter teeth. The powder feels almost clay like, made from finely ground coconut shell and Bentonite Clay. The texture does take a while to get used to, however the idea of the whitening powder is to use it before brushing your teeth as normal - removing any residue remaining. If using a charcoal powder sounds daunting to you you can be rest assured, the company confirmed the powder is clinically certified as safe on enamel.

In terms of the price, the product roughly retails for £15 from Boots, which is a steal for the amount of product you get in a jar. The packaging is also so sleek, and looks luxurious in my bathroom. The jar itself is plastic, however it just means it's more convenient for travelling.

I used this powder for two weeks and definitely noticed a difference not only with the whiteness on my teeth, but my gums felt less inflamed. It only takes a few minutes extra out of your routine, and there's 2 other flavours (spearmint and strawberry flavour) for others like myself who aren't keen on peppermint.

My teeth aren't perfect still, but I'm learning to love them for every little stain/ dent there is.. all about that self love beauties!

The Hamptons x
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