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Skincare routine for combination but dry skin

Hi beauties,
Benefit face wash and eye cream, Balance me face mask, Estee Lauder serum, Freederm and Liz Earle moisturiser, Exuviance day cream, Heaven primer

It's Jess! Introducing a skincare routine for combination but dry skin.

First off I will start with a brief  description of my skin. Now, like most girls, I unfortunately suffer with troublesome combination skin, being an unfortunate soul who suffers with an oily T zone and dry skin everywhere else. Just to add more complication, my skin is also sensitive - although the sensitivity has improved over the years. As you can imagine, this causes problems with my skincare routine, finding products that battle my oiliness, but don't make me break out in dry patches.

During the morning to wash my face, I instantly reach for my Benefit "cleanse foamingly clean facial wash". This stuff is sublime and gives me that squeaky-clean feeling during washing my face. To ensure I never forget, my face wash lives in my shower.

Exuviance day creme, Heaven clarifying hydrogel, Liz Earle moisturiser, Benefit eye cream
After I've washed my face the next step is moisturiser! Depending on how dry/ oily/ happy my skin is looking I switch between two moisturisers and one day cream. On a good skin day with not much dry skin I use Freederm oil-free perfecting moisturiser. The moisturiser claims that 'it is specially formulated by experts to hydrate and moisturise those areas of the face that need it most. At the same time, it acts on spot-prone skin to help combat blemishes.' The moisturiser retails for £4.63 and while I was sceptic at first, I have to admit since using this for 3 months now my skin has really cleared up! However, this moisturiser does nothing when I have really dry skin.

Liz earle moisturiser
Moving on, the next moisturiser I use when my skin is seriously dry is my beloved Liz Earle superskin moisturiser with natural neroli retailing at £39 (pricey but AMAZING). The moisturiser says 'rich in omega-3, GLA and antioxidants, our luxurious moisturiser is delicately scented with natural neroli and will leave mature or very dry skin smooth, radiant and replenished. Apply to face, neck and decolletage as part of your essential daily skincare regime'. Due to the hefty price tag I use this sparingly and only one those super dry-skin days; however my skin loves and soaks it up.

The final day-time moisturiser I switch between is the Exuviance Multi-Protective Day Creme spf 20. I received this product during the Bloggers festival, getting to also speak to the company. While this day cream isn't advised for those with super sensitive skin, the day cream is a perfect all rounder; with the cream being extremely thick! The description claims 'this hydrating daily antiaging cream is formulated to moisturize and retexture skin, helping to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while revealing brighter, younger looking skin'.

After ensuring my skin is perfectly moisturised I never skip an eye cream. Again I use a benefit product from their b.right! skincare range called It's potent eye cream, retailing for £25.50. One of the first things I loved about this product was that you can sample it with 6 other skincare products for £15 which is good given the price. The cream smells amazing and instantly make me under eyes feel refreshed and prepped for the day. I have also noticed that after frequent use it reduces the darkness of my bags as well as making my concealer crease less throughout the win!

 If  my skin is extra oily, I add in an extra step of primer. Also a company I met at the bloggers festival, heaven by Deborah Mitchell has numerous different products mainly targeted for oily skin. The Peppermint clarifying gel was recommended to me to balance my skin, as it tones, moisturises and primes - while smelling like amazing peppermint. I also cannot get enough of the packaging!


Garnier miceller cleansing water
Once it comes to the evening, to remove my makeup I simply use the Garnier skin naturals Micellar cleansing water for combination and sensitive skin. This stuff is brilliant for taking off makeup and I cannot fault it whatsoever! The product claims to ' gently remove makeup, purifies and mattifies your combination skin in one step'. The 400ml bottle also says to equal 200 uses, which is a lot for your buck.

After removing my makeup I'll use one of the moisturisers again depending on my skin condition. Additionally, I'll use the Estee Lauder advanced night repair religiously which always gives my skin a lovely glow when I wake up. This is a cult product and the reviews speak for itself. The serum retails for £52 which is expensive but is definitely worth the money.

The final product is a facial polish face mask. Balance me radiance face mask is a lovely product
which says 'a triple-action face mask with Kaolin clay, gently polishing walnut shells and fruit acids designed to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten skin.' You simply apply, leave for 5 minutes and wash off for baby smooth skin. The mask retails for £18.

I would like to remind all you beauties that everyone's skin is different, but with an awkward skin type to treat, I felt it would help to mention the products I've tried and tested after years hunting for the best routine for my skin.

The Hamptons x

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