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BH Cosmetics 6th edition palette

Hello Beauties,

Vicky here.
I'm sure many of you can relate with me when I say I find myself applying the same makeup, in the same shades almost everyday. As with most things in life, you practice something until it's perfect (or attempting to be in the case of my makeup)

Due to this I decided, enough is enough! I am sick of using neutral pinks and browns on my eyelids all the time. From day to night, I just apply darker shades of the same colours!

This moment of realisation led me to hit the web and locate the beautiful pages of Beauty Bay. Here I came across a palette which has 120 eye shadows for...£20!?!?
I hear you ask who created such a blessing of a palette? The one and only BH cosmetics.

After squealing in delight I quickly paid for my purchase and then was further honored with the option of choosing next day delivery! Thank you beauty bay! So that leaves me here with my sixth edition palette of possibilities.

I would like to disclaim now, I am yet to fault this palette! It comes with a mixture of shimmers, mattes and they have kindly ordered them in corresponding undertone shades.

With a huge mirror to help you experiment, you have plenty of colours to have fun with. The pigmentation is also outstanding for the price and they blend out like a dream.
This is basically the only palette you need, I am yet to try all the different colours and shades and I am proud to report that I have started implementing new colours into my makeup looks.

This palette is great for someone who is on a budget and wants more colours than the usual earth tones. BS have officially converted me into a colour user!

As always, lots of love, Hamptons x
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