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Grandma's birthday trip

Hello Beauties!

Vicky here, with a slightly different blog post.

So a few weeks ago Jess, me and the whole family went on a trip to Cardiff and Western-Super-mare. The whole trip was arranged to celebrate our Grandmas birthday, as well as our Dad after just completing his PhD! Since me and Jess had such a good time, I decided that I wanted to document and share our fab weekend trip.

Day 1 - Arriving 
So upon arrival the weather looked sunny but was VERY windy. Straight away, Jess and I were deciding on what outfits would look great, as well as maintaining our dignity in the wind. 

Once we got inside, the hotel was very grand but we did think the decor was definitely designed to please older eyes. So climbing the steps to our room was very daunting (especially after our cousin had warned us of the horrors behind the room doors.) 

Once we got into our rooms we were pleasantly surprised. The room was decorated with greens, greys and creams. The combination of the colours created such a relaxed and spacious feeling to the room. In addition to this, they had two huge floor length mirrors - which were perfect for mine and Jess' needs.

Since the first day was spent travelling and having a casual meal, I didn't think anyone would want to see mine and jess' leggings and over-sized tees - it's not exactly what you see on catwalks ;)

Day 2 - Billy Elliot. wines and the beach

In the the true nature of Jess and I, we spent about two hours getting ready for the day ahead. We wanted to choose outfits which were sophisticated enough for the theater but comfy and weather proof.

Below I've listed where we got our items from. One comment I will add is that I do not recommend my shoes as they fell apart throughout the day!

Shoes - Missguided
Coat - H&M
Culottes - Asos
Top - Boohoo
Shoes - Newlook
Coat - Boohoo
Jeans - Newlook
Top - Newlook

 At the theatre, the show itself was amazing! The show was performed by such talented and dedicated actors. It was filled with emotion and it was incredibly hard not to cry - which was a pain because I had just got my eyelashes done, so I wasn't aloud to cry. But if anyone has the opportunity to go see this in theater - do it!

At the theater in Cardiff.
As it was our last night me, Jess, our Mum, Dad and brother decided to go for a stroll along the beach.

Western-Super-mare is such a lovely place, we all had so much fun playing in the sand and relaxing. Once again if anyone has the opportunity to visit there, it's definitely worth going for a short stay away.

Speak soon and stay tuned for next few weeks posts as Jess and I are both off on our holidays!

All our love,
Hamptons x


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