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River Island: Designer Dupes?

Hi Beauties,

Vicky here. Sorry, we have been a bit MIA at the moment. Truthfully, we have both been super busy graduating from university! Threat not though, we are both back and here to stay!

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Right, let's get to it...

Recently, I have found myself desiring the power of clothes more and more, most likely because I am a student with nothing left in my bank account but student debt. So it seems like designer labels, Fenty, Channel, Micheal Kors, Prada are off the table. Well, that is what I thought until I came across River Island.

Now I don't want to suggest that River Island is directly copying designer brands, however, I personally have felt as though they have heavily taken inspiration from certain brands and I AM LIVING FOR IT. Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, so below have a look for yourself...

Gucci 'gang' belt:

River Island belt: £14

Gucci belt: £250

 Valentino Rock Stud sandals:

River Island: £55

Versace versace versace bodysuit baby:

River Island bodysuit (on ASOS): £14

Versace bodysuit: £803

River Island shorts: 
(Unavailable now)

Versace shorts: £580

Dolce 'bae' and Gabanna bikini:

Dolce and Gabanna: £112

River Island bikini (on ASOS): £14

When it comes to savings, simply buying the highstreet version could save you major $$$ and you will still as though you have walked straight off the catwalk!

Lots of love and happy shopping,
Hamptons x
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