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Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018 Event

Hi beauties,

Some of you will have already seen our Instagram, but Vicky and I were given the opportunity to attend Fabulous magazines and the Suns newspapers Fabulous Beauty Awards 2018. 

The idea of the event is to collate beauty bloggers and enthusiasts to vote on what products beat the rest in different categories. When we heard of it we thought it was an excellent idea getting real votes off women and men who've tried and tested the products.

When we first arrived at the event we were taken to a function room with complementary food and beverages (including the most amazing cupcakes). Once the event was ready to begin the Fabulous mags beauty editor Lauren Ezekiel gave an inspiring speech and we were let loose. Half could be treated to beauty treatments, hair treatments, manicures and benefit brow bar while the other half would vote on the products. 

We firstly had our lipsticks applied by BUXOM, who have recently released in the UK after being based in the US. The makeup artist chose a bold red lip for myself while Vicky went nude to match her makeup.

Next the lovely brand dafni spent lots of time glamming Vickys hair into a braided half up do using their hair straightening brush. I was fascinated watching her do it and then use there product to smooth out any frizz. 

Duck and Dry twisted my arm and surprised me with this gorgeous braid as well, my favourite product they used definitely their Fix your quiff hairspray. 

Once we were all pampered we had the Floral Street stand to check out their perfumes. We loved the brand's ethics ad the fact that their packaging was 100% recyclable and biodegradable which is insane. Their perfumes had a higher volume of the perfume oil so you could really smell the perfume lingering on the skin (which is what I definitely want in a perfume). Their body creams also had a higher than normal volume of moisturising products, meaning it instantly showed a difference to my skin when I applied it.

As for the voting it was amazing trying out all the products and giving our real opinions on what we felt was the best. The diversity in products and the categories was really good, for example "top high end" and "best budget beauty buy". Look out for the article when they release the winners in the SUN newspaper.


The Hamptons x

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