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LVL lash treatment experience

Hello beauties!

Victoria here. So last weekend I finally got the opportunity to go to a local salon and get the Nouveau lash treatment, the one I got was the LVL: lift, lengthen and enhance.

This is a happy me with my new long lashes - no makeup needed!

For those of you who don't know, this treatment is similar to getting a perm for your hair but for your eyelashes. It takes approximately 75 minutes and can cost from around £40 - £55 depending on your salon.

The salon I went to was Pure Beauty in Lichfield - it's somewhere I will definitely be visiting again! The staff and service was amazing and they reassured me at the beginning, explaining the procedure to make sure I was 100% committed to my decision.

So many of you may be wondering why I wanted this treatment but basically I was never blessed with long, curled and luscious eyelashes. My eyelashes are long but grow downwards - this means my daily routine consists of me having to repeatedly curl my eyelashes and then apply about three coats of mascara. I don't have the time to do this everyday and constantly crimping them cannot be good for my delicate eyelashes. So due to this, I felt that a more permanent action had to be taken.

The beauty therapist who performed the LVL treatment for me was called Charlotte. She was clearly very experienced and was very relaxed through the whole thing, which definitely made me feel more confident in her hands! (I would recommend before you start having a chat with the therapist, as for the majority of the treatment you have to remain with your eyes closed and I would imagine this is hard to do if you do not feel happy with your therapist). At first I really struggled keeping my eyes shut as I desperately wanted to know what was happening but luckily Charlotte described what was happening.

So down to the interesting bit ;) To begin the treatment I had to lie on a chair, eyes closed, whilst these sticky shields were glued underneath my eye and then above my other eyelid. There are three different shields - the largest gives a more natural lift and the smaller gives a more intense lift. (I will admit was quite uncomfortable as I wasn't used to the sensation.) Within this time my eyelashes got combed so they were separated and a pre-curling solution was added to my lashes. Once this is done, a fixing serum is brushed onto the lashes, to lock in the shape. Following that, a black tint was added and then finally a conditioner to restore health back to the eye lashes.

Once the shields are removed there will be a bit of residue from the glue left on but you should avoid touching your lashes at all once they're done. The after care recommended is that no makeup or cleansers should be worn for 24 hours and any water or steam should be avoided if possible for 48 hours.

This no makeup selfie was taken straight after the procedure.
At first (as you will see from the photos) the lashes were clumped together but Charlotte reassured me that this was from the gels making the lashes wet and would separate over time. Another important thing noted was that chemicals such as peroxide are added to the gels, so it is recommended that you only get this treatment once every 6-8 weeks, when your lash's naturally grow out.

This was taken after I had applied some Benefit mascara and all my lashes had separated. 

Overall the whole experience was quite relaxing and therapeutic. I would totally recommend if, like me, you get tired of curling your eyelashes. The treatment has actually given me a lot of confidence and lately I've felt that I do not need to wear as much eye makeup as why bother when I have long fluttery lashes!

Hamptons x

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