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Best Mascaras For Volume

Hi Beauties,

Jessica here with a post reviewing the top 5 best  mascaras for volume - in my opinion. I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to mascaras, I have a bad habit of buying and trying out multiple mascaras in one go, however I feel mascara is something that has to be budge proof and do its job.

Lancome Hypnose Original Mascara

One of my more expensive mascaras retailing for £25, I picked this mascara up at an airport for it's reputation. When a product becomes a 'cult product', there is naturally a very good reason why it's been popular for so long and produces so many good reviews; hence why I thought I'd try it out.

Lancome claim the mascara to be more lengthening the volumising, however I find with a few coats it really volumises each individual lash. Their formula for their mascaras are so good, the mascara have become a range - with their other main mascara being their Doll eyes (click here to be directed to their website) .

The packaging like all Lancome makeup is so simple and sleek, and the applicator isn't a cheap flimsy plastic like you tend to find with some mascaras. Also, I really like the shape, as it's perfect to reach the small inner lashes. The colour is a very rich black, which is another reason why I think it does such a good job

Overall I'd rate this mascara 7/10.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

This mascara is without a doubt my favourite for that doll eyed look. Retailing for £19.50, the mascara's main selling point is the dark black pigment, which looks so intense on. The formula is also designed to enhance lash growth, with ingredients such as Proteins and Honey Extracts.

The packaging, again looks really luxurious and simple, with a huge brush with lots of bristles to reach them smaller stubborn lashes. My only critique with this mascara is that it almost works too well, making it quite easy to clump lashes together due to how voluminous it is, however it works completely fine if you wiggle the brush.

Overall I'd rate this mascara 9/10 (1 mark deducted for lash clumping)

Ciglione Diego Dalla Palma Lash Booster Mascara

I received this mascara in one of my beauty boxes and instantly fell in love. The makeup brand is Italian, but they don't seem to be that well known in the UK - at least to my knowledge. Again why I like this mascara is for its additional ingredients to look after your lashes (Vitaminised Matrikine, Flavonoid extracted from Lemon, and Olive Leaf Extract).

The mascara retails for £17.50, so again a more high end mascara, however I always feel happier to spend a bit more on mascaras as they always last ages. The wand for the mascara, like the others isn't a cheap plastic, and the brush is nice and full to cake the lashes. Whilst the packaging isn't the prettiest, it makes up for the formula - doing what it says on the tin volumising your lashes.

Overall, I'd rate this mascara 8/10

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara and Lash Alert

I decided to group these two mascaras together as they are from the same brand. I feel like Eyeko doesn't receive as much recognition as they deserve however they know how to make products for your eyes. Both of these mascaras retail for £19 and I think definitely win for their adorable packaging. 

What I love about these mascaras is how easy it is to build up volume. I'm the type of girl that loves putting multiple layers of mascara on, to get my lashes as dark as possible, and both of the mascaras colour pigments do not disappoint. The curve in the brushes means that again, you can reach every individual lash and both of these are definitely the most natural looking (however don't worry you definitely will notice that volume).

The only quirk about these mascaras that I'm on the fence about is the size. Whilst they are small and therefore brilliant for travel, I feel like it takes a bit of getting used to using the wand due to the size. However, I'm not sure whether these are the sample sizes, as I again received these in beauty boxes.

Overall, I'd rate these mascaras 7/10, as I feel like they're the least voluminous.

Lots of love,
The Hamptons x


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