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Our evening at the Acne 101 event

Hello Beauties,

Last Wednesday Jess and myself (it's Vicky here) had the honor of visiting the 'Eudelo' Dermatology and skin well-being center in London. Unfortunately, Jess couldn't attend due to medical purposes after the accident, however I still got to attend on our behalf.

I will start with some background into eudelo. The company was founded by medical director Dr Stefanie Williams. Dr Stefanie specializes in aesthetic dermatology and is dedicated to spreading awareness for healthy skin. She has some impressive qualifications and it was great to listen to someone who is so inspired and dedicated at their job.

We began with a short presentation by Dr Stefanie, she explained how acne is a problem for many teenagers and adults and it is not something that we should have to go through! Following this we had a talk with Em Ford from mypaleskin, who spoke about her experience with acne and how she has learned to deal with it. It was a small event with a few very talented bloggers, but it was so fun getting to hear everyone's successes and learn more about their blogs!

It was so nice to meet everyone!
We were offered lots of delicious and healthy foods - according to her book its important to eat a healthy and balanced diet for great, clear skin!

Throughout the night there was a number of stations to go visit. The first station was a facial which deep cleaned and removed any impurities. Everybody came out with big smiles and glowing faces! I Unfortunately, I missed out on the consultation and the facial since I had to rush off and Jess couldn't attend. So Dr Stefanie said we could visit another time to get necessary products for our skin problems and try the facial - so expect a review soon!

Other stations included a skin analysis (where we got scanned and photos taken for dryness, skin damage, elasticity) and also a professional makeup artist who coloured matched us with this fantastic foundation which helps improve spots! After receiving this I can't wait to see if it helps my spots - once again I will review this soon.

The whole evening was an absolute pleasure to attend! I cannot recommend going to visit Dr Stefanie and her team in London. They are so supportive and really passionate about helping everyone achieve the beautiful skin they deserve. I cannot wait to visit again!

Before I leave you Beauties, I thought I would show you my makeup look...

As always, lots of love, Hamptons x

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