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Lush santa's lip scrub review

Hi Beauties,

So I (Jess) was very excited to discover that lush had released their Christmas products already! Being someone people describe as obsessed with christmas, I instantly decided to order the new lush products. However, I was dissapointed to discover that my delivery hasn't arrived in time so for the mean time, I was review the only lush christmas product I currently have - Santa's lip scrub.

The packaging is really simple while keeping to festive colours with red, black and white. The pot isn't huge, however you only use a bit and the pot is packed to the top with product. On the lid, the product says "This cola flavoured lip scrub will polish your lips to perfection", with the side sticker stating "prepare your lips for santa baby" - good old lush.

In terms of the ingredients, all ingredients are fresh, containing natural essential oils and also being self-preserving. The scrub mainly contains caster sugar, which means it's gentle on your lips and can be licked off afterwards (although I find this too disgusting personally).  The scrub feels so luxurious and smells/ tastes amazing!

How I personally use this product is I purchase a basic toothbrush every few months and scoop some of the scrub onto the brush. Next, I slightly dampen my lips with water to ensure the scrub isn't too harsh on my lips and scrub my lips with the toothbrush. This helps exfoliate the lips while also brushing off any dead skin and scrub, which can be left on the lips.

As it is a scrub, it can be quite drying on the lips, however this can easily be addressed by using a lip balm or lip treatment afterwards (Molton Brown protecting vitamin lipsaver my current fav).

The texture feels lovely on the lips as it's caster sugar and the red look makes the product look and feel so christmassy. Overall this is a fabulous product if you suffer with dry lips like me; especially in the winter!

As always beauties, have a lovely day. Also, I have a special announcement, I was lucky enough to purchase a LOOK FANTASTIC BEAUTY CALENDAR. As I wanted to share the daily treats with you leading up to christmas, I will be posting daily on our instagram what the the new product is. (So if you're not following us, go follow now to find out what's in the amazing calendar).

The Hamptons x

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