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Everyday makeup look

Hi Beauties,
My finished makeup lok

Jessica here again, with my current go to everyday makeup look. Recently I've been loving a very natural finish compared to my usual bold lip and winged eye, so here is how I achieve it.

First step is prepping the skin using my beloved beloved Pixi glow tonic and Kiehl's ultra face skin. I find this step compulsory as my skin is so dry at the moment. The toner also is fab for eliminating spots.

Once my skin is all moisturised I then prep my skin even more using Barry M flawless colour correcting wand in green. I apply this to the areas of my face where I'm prone to redness as my face becomes very flushed most of the time. I must admit, it's scary when first applying this to your face because even when you blend it out (I used my real techniques beauty blender,) you still look like a green monster. However, I can guarantee, once you apply your foundation you cannot see the green underneath.

As mentioned next step is to apply foundation to cover the green. I decided to try the L'oreal infallible total cover foundation in the shade 9 light sand as Vicky recommend it and I have to admit, for a drugstore foundation I do approve. I also applied Benefit eye bright under my eyes (a purple corrector) before applying my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair 1.

To set all this makeup in place I applied the Laura Mercier translucent powder under my eyes and below my cheekbones towards my chin in the 'baking' method. This method is perfect for those with oily skin therefore I didn't need to leave the powder to bake long before I brushed it in. Furthermore, I applied the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion in Eden on my eyes and set with the powder. After this I then used my Hoola bronzer by Benefit to lightly contour my cheekbones, also using Bourjois 95 Jasper Rose little blush pot for my blusher.

As noticeable in these images, I have always had two completely different shaped eyebrows. I've been to salons and all sorts to have them waxed and threaded into a similar shape however they always go back to looking different. The best way I've found to mask the total difference is by first using the spooly brush on my double ended brow brush by Eylure, and then the flat edged end to apply Lancome Sourcilis gel in 01 blond using soft strokes to mimic hair. Unfortunately, it is still obvious that my eyebrows are differently arched, however as the famous saying goes... "eyebrows are sisters not twins". To ensure they stay in place I brush using Rimmel Brow this way styling gel in clear.

Next my favourite part eyeshadow! All the eyeshadows I use are from the tarte Amazonian Clay colour vibes palette (which I've previously reviewed which you can check put here). For my base colour I used the shade 'base coat' just to make sure everywhere was set nicely. Then I used 'modern icon' almost up to my brow bone and all over the lid as a more noticeable transition. Next I applied a mixture of 'venus' and 'colour vibes' in the crease and blended out towards the centre. 

And voila! After applying some my Mac Extreme Dimension 3d black mascara and Mac Love honey lipstick I was ready to go. This makeup look sounds like a lot of steps however it barely takes me that long and the beauty is you can skip steps such as colour correcting if you have less time!

The Hamptons x

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