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Pureology Perfect For Platinum review

Hi Beauties,

Vicky here!

A few months ago, I slowly started to transition into a vegan diet...and when I say transition, I just stopped eating meat and dairy one day.

Without going into the pros of being vegan, I started this lifestyle change in an attempt to be healthier. However, since I have started this journey, it has opened my eyes into what I was putting into (and on) my body.
I was never fully aware about how products were made or what was in them. I think the saying is ignorance is bliss? Being vegan has made me more aware and due to this I have started to try and get products which have less random chemicals in.

It can be overwhelming knowing were to begin, however I was introduced to a vegan hair brand called Pureology.

Pureology was created by the original top dog, who's friend suffered from cancer and could never find a shampoo or conditioner, gentle and effective enough for her hair. So boom, Pureology was born!
The reason why this brand is so amazing, is because it does what it says on the tin. It is vegan, natural has no parabens, silicones, or another other hidden nasties and it is flippin' amazing! Each with natural aromas, my hair always smells and looks incredible.

Another amazing aspect of this brand, is that there are so many ranges for different hair concerns and each one has natural complex' to maintain vibrant colour! My favourite in particular, is Perfect for Platinum. For blonde hair the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair glossy and vibrant, whilst the spray de-tangles and helps my condition from colouring.

I could not recommend this brand enough for vegans or anyone who wants to use natural hair products!

You can find them at: - go check them out!

Lots of love, Hamptons x

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