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Best products for damaged hair

Hi Beauties,
Redken, Christophe Robin, Bleach London, John Masters, Moroccanoil

Unfortunately I am one of many girls who suffers with terrible damaged hair, a result of dying my hair silver/ grey. Hairdressers always warned me when bleaching hair that you need to start looking after it, however it's only after I've been colouring my hair myself I've realised the importance of it. So on that note, I've rounded up the 5 best products - in my opinion - that I use to treat my damaged hair.

1. Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil (£53 for 250ml)
Christophe Robin regenerating mask
Without a doubt the most expensive product within this list but one that you notice an immediate difference with. This hair mask I received free in my Look Fantastic christmas beauty calendar and have been using this religiously ever since. You only need a small amount (even with long hair like mine), just run through hair and massage, add a little bit of water, wait 5 minutes and viola beautiful soft nourished hair. What I love about this hair mask is the only keep it on for 5 minutes which is ideal for us girls and guys who have busy lifestyles. Similarly, you immediately notice a difference, with hair feeling so soft and silky. This one helps with detangling my hair as well, as I've noticed its easier brushing my hair afterwards meaning less hair being pulled out.

2. Moroccanoil treatment (£13.45 for 25ml)
Moroccanoil treatment
An oldie but goldie, this product is so well known for hair it's definitely a cult product. This product is ideal as it will continue to keep protecting your damaged hair overtime the more you use it. I will admit, I have always been sceptical using this product in my hair as its oil and I was concerned it would make my hair greasy, however I have found a way it works for me. After I have damp hair, I simply tip some of the oil onto my fingers and rub into the ends of my hair, stopping midway and certainly going no where near my roots. This means that the majority of my hair is protected without my roots going greasy from oil. I'm not overly keen on the smell however its something I can deal with as it improves my split ends so much.

3. John masters organics evening primrose shampoo for dry hair (£17 for 237ml)
John Masters organics evening primrose shampoo for dry hair
I won't deny, that I used to believe that shampoos specially for dry hair were a gimmick however they really do make a difference. I received this product as a sample in my LoveLula monthly subscription box and plan to purchase once its run out. I use this shampoo once a week when my hair is particularly dry and noticeably frizzy. The smell is really relaxing - you feel like you've gone to a spa - and the shampoo also improves the colour of my bleached hair. It's also organic which just adds to the charm, so you know you're not putting any nasty chemicals onto your hair.

4.  Redken One United Multi-benefit treatment (£13.10 for 150ml)
Redken treatment
Another product I received in my Look Fantastic beauty calendar but have already repurchased twice! The fact that I'm on my third bottle says a lot! This product is loved by so many and rightfully so. This treatment can be used in two different ways. The first way is kind of like a conditioner, spritz onto hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse out, which will leave you with lovely cleansed hair that feels brand new! The second option, which I use majority of the time is spraying on towel dried hair before blow drying (although I'd recommend to allow your hair to dry naturally if it's damaged). This product smells amazing, like perfume for your hair and I love how it can be used in different ways. This product is also perfect for any and all hair types, and it's just the perfect product to improve your hairs strength and nourishment.

5. Bleach London Reincarnation Mask (£6 for 200ml)
Bleach London hair mask
Leaving the best till last this product shows you don't have to spend loads to find amazing products. I discovered this product when using the Bleach London lightening bleach on my hair, with the box also including this mask to use afterwards; however you can purchase this mask seperately. I didn't expect much from it as with most dye's conditioners/ masks however this without a doubt saved my hair. I put my hair through a lot and while it was probably the most damaged its ever been my hair had never felt more healthy. After shampoo, massage this mask all over your hair (including roots and ends) and leave for 20 minutes. The beauty of this product is that when I don't have much time I only leave it on a few minutes and it still works just as good, however if you really want to see the full benefit leave on for the full 20 minutes. This mask really does save your hair, and out of all the products this is the one I recommend the most. I can't stress how much it improves the texture and hydration of your hair - you finish with new hair.

Please beauties don't do what I did and ignore people when they say look after your hair, it really does make the difference.

The Hamptons x

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