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Lessons we've learnt

Hello Beauties,

(Vicky here) It has been a while! As we have said on our social media accounts, University commitments have kept us very busy, so we are extremely sorry for not being able to put up blog posts!

I thought as the year comes to a close, it would be nice to reflect on the year and talk about some life lessons I have learnt. Now I am not claiming that I am all knowing, perfect and have learnt everything I need to in life but its important to reflect and document your journey through life.

Lesson one - You can't get on with everyone

This is a hard lesson to learn and one that is not very pleasant but sometimes people won't enjoy your company as much as others. Whether its for personal reasons or for reasons unknown, it can be confusing when there is an uneasy atmosphere.

But never feel disheartened! As long as you lead a kind and friendly life then you should never feel ashamed about who you are.

Lesson two - Not everything can be planned 

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I am a culprit for planning EVERYTHING but one of the biggest lessons I have learnt this year is that sometimes just letting go and being spontaneous is the best decision to make.

Different things can be thrown at you, I just recently earned an internship in London for Digital Marketing at L'Oreal, this means my current student life in Oxford will be put on hold and I have to now just see where this takes me. Its scary but I am very hopeful that great things will happen.

Lesson three - Be you

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Its hard to not worry about how people see you but don't let people stop you doing or acting in a way that makes you feel happy. If you want to dress in a certain way - do it! If you want to do your makeup a certain way - do it! Make your new year a great one by doing something that you've always wanted to do but been too scared.

I really hope everyone has had a great year and thank you all for supporting us!

As always, lots of love, Hamptons x

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