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Biore baking soda pore cleanser review

Hi Beauties,

Jessica here with a skincare review on the Biore free your pores baking soda pore cleanser.

For some time now, my boyfriend has recommended for me to try this unisex skincare brand, after finding amazing results with his skin clearing up, and after months of trying other skincare products; I felt it was finally time to sort my spotty skin out.

I have already wrote a blogpost on my current skin condition and skin routine so go ahead and check that out, however the simplified explanation is I have combination oily but mostly dry skin. This can cause problems when searching for products to combat both without irritating and eliminating my spots.

The product is for combination skin and states that it ' deep cleans to remove dirt and impurities from the pore while gently exfoliating away dead cells to reveal smooth, health-looking skin,' The product recommends that you use daily, wet face, pump cleaner to work into a lather and massage over entire face; ensuring the product is rinses thoroughly afterwards'.

In terms of the packaging it is very simple, keeping to the unisex feel but displaying enough to intrigue someone into buying it. The product can  be brought at boots, superdrug and other well known companies, and retails currently for £3.29 at superdrug, The addition of the pump is useful as it becomes very practical during use, although I've notices that one pump occasionally one and a half pumps does the whole face!

As for the product, it exfoliates the skin without being too harsh; however if your skin is anything like mine, then no matter what cleaner, you still need to moisturise after! With this product I instantly noticed a difference, with my skin feeling baby smooth as well as my spots gone the next day! This stuff is truly magical! Although, the one complaint I have with this product is that I've noticed that even if I miss a day (I have a busy life I sometimes do not have time to fully exfoliate daily), my skin becomes awfully dry and patchy. Whether or not this is just my skin adjusting to the product or the winter weather is to blame is a question however it wouldn't be an unbiased view if I did not state that. Regardless this is not enough to put me off this product which makes me skin look amazing, clean and blackhead free!

The range has many different products for different skin problems and skin types so I would recommend to look the company up. For example, my boyfriend has the same product except the powder version which you lather onto your face and it slowly dissolves!

This is the first new product that I have used in a long time that has achieved such highly rated results so quickly and I will continue to use this product religiously.

As always, feel free to ask me any questions on the product and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Love, the Hamptons x

P.S. only one month till christmas and soon time to unveil my Lookfantastic beauty calendar.

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