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20th Birthday haul

Hi Beauties,

We have a special blog post today, with both us twins writing for our what we got for our birthday post! Last Sunday, we both turned 20 and had a lovely time celebrating with our family and closest friends - despite us both moving back to our universities.

We can both agree that our most treasured birthday present was the beautiful Sony a5000 camera! The camera is a compact system camera while also boasting interchangeable lenses AND a 180 degrees rotating screen! Both of us agreed we'd like new cameras for our birthdays to deliver better quality pictures for you to enjoy, so this will certainly be a well loved and used present. Of course Jess then enjoyed the countless days researching cameras and all that good techy stuff and viola, we both fell in love with the sony a5000. Our little brother also brought us a San Disk 64 gb SD card to go with the camera which was a lovely present.

For presents to each other it was decided upon a student-friendly budget of £10. Hilariously we both brought each the same Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (twinny moment) while Jess received an adorable blue nightie from topshop and Vicky received another plastic tumbler to add to her enormous collection and two heart shaped plates. Despite us not buying each other much it was lovely to receive the gifts as we'd know what each other would like.

Now apart from the endless chocolate (no complaints whatsoever) and money which we were both grateful for we received some lovely presents from our friends. From Jess' friends, she received a pug tape measure, to match her enormous pug cake, luxurious bath
bombs, reindeer shaped slippers (because everyone knows how obsessed Jess is with Christmas all year round), candles, makeup which is already in use and alcohol just to name a view! Very spoilt indeed. From Jess' other half, she was given this stunning purple and sparkly charm from the new pandora collection as well as the most romantic plaque which says "Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite". However, if this wasn't boyfriend goals enough she was then spoilt with plenty of Kinder Bueno chocolate bars to last a while..they say. 

Victoria was treated by her housemates to a £40 MAC voucher (which she has used to book a makeup lesson...expect a post soon!)

From her boyfriend, like Jess she was spoilt with a Pandora bangle from the new rose gold collection and a rose gold love heart charm! She also got a brand spanking new stiffling foundation bush and a LOVELY meal at Jamie Oliver's restaurant.

We are both soooo grateful for not just the presents but also the people in our lives. It's important to be surrounded by people who love you and make you happy, we are both so blessed to have such a loving and supportive group of friends and family.

Until next time,
Hamptons x

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  1. What a fab birthday you had x busy mum


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