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NYX Liquid Lipsticks review

Hello Beauties,

Vicky here, treating you all to a review on the well-known (and well-loved) NYX liquid lipsticks. 

Recently the liquid matte lipsticks have become a popular trend, started by the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner. 

Opposed to other lip products, the NYX lipsticks go on similarly to a lip gloss but then after a few seconds will dry matte. The matte finish has its pros and cons but ultimately lasts so much longer than any other lip gloss/stick, hence why it is continuously becoming more and more popular.

For the purpose of the blog, I purchased a few different shades so I could my opinion about everything from the packaging, consistency, shades and overall look.


Retailed at £5.50 the price of these doesn't exactly break the budget. As the popularity of these increases, so does the amount of liquid lipsticks which brands are now offering. This is not the cheapest brand. You can get liquid lipsticks from MUA a lot cheaper, however with that said it is not high end either, so it is priced very mid range.

I personally am very happy to pay this price for the lipsticks, they are my everyday go to lip products now! My only concern is that over time the price will increase as they are becoming a well established brand now. With this said, with Kylie Jenner's liquid lipsticks out there, NYX should always be a more budget friendly version of them.


The packaging is quite simplistic - which is expected from the cost of the product. The tube is mainly clear, which is quite useful as you can easily identify the shade you want. The lid of the applicator is a black plastic, so looks quite similar to MAC. 

The shape of the tube is a narrow cylinder. It can easily fit into any bag and it even fits into my clutch bag - ideal for when you need to top your lippy up.


When I first tried these out, I found them quite unusual. I wasn't expecting them to go on wet and then dry so matte. The matte texture is both amazing and frustrating at times. Due to the drying aspect of the product, I find it cracks my lips slightly if they are either feeling dry beforehand. Despite this, it can easily be overcome if you apply some Vaseline. 

The matte consistency does mean that the product lasts a lot longer. When you go for a drink or eat some food, you don't find half your lips transferred onto the rim of the glass or your food. In addition to this, you won't find that your hair gets stuck on your lips - added bonus.

Colour appearance 

My go to shades have to be nude ones for the day time. So I chose three nude ones and then one red shade which I could wear in the evening.

Shade one - Athens
This is the lightest shade I have as it comes out light pink. I normally do not go for pinks as I look like a Barbie doll otherwise but this is a nice girly colour. 

For a more natural day look, this is the best shade to go for. It compliments a light pink and orange tone eye look and would be perfect for a first date or whenever you don't want a full face of makeup.

Shade two - Stockholm

This is mixture between the Abu Dubai and Athens shade. It's a pink based shade with subtle undertones of brown. 

This is my go to shade for work! Its a nice pop of colour without being too overbearing. Once again I would mainly use this for in the day, however with a dark, smokey eye look, it works a dream!

Shade three - Abu Dubai
This shade is a light brown with a pink undertone. This shade was hard to find as it is quite popular. This is my favorite shade as it compliments my pink MAC blush and my pale skin tone. 

This shade is amazing for every occasion and it's defiantly one I will be repurchasing soon!

Shade four - Coperhagon

This shade is definitely one for the evening time. It comes out a little lighter once applied but it creates a lovely purple/red colour. 

If I'm going out for a party or dancing, I pair this with a dark eye for a vampy look. It also looks nice with a minimal eye look to create a bold statement.

Overall these are definitely my favourite liquid lipsticks. I love the fact that they stay the same shade and don't transition on anything throughout the day. 
Due to the low cost as well, I can't really fault this product. If you haven't already, go and give it a try!

Hamptons x

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