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My Soap and Glory Addiction

Hello Beauties,

The Original Pink Soap and Glory collection and the Sugar Crush mini collection

Jessica here with a review of one of my all-time favourite bath and body companies.. Soap and Glory. I must confess this isn't the full personal collection I have, however for the sake of the blog, I have narrowed it down to my two favourite collections - the original pink scent and the sugar crush scent.

The original pink collection

Original pink range: shower gel, body butter, mini shower gel, body scrub, body butter lotion 
First I have to mention this is my favourite scent; with myself using the range for over 2 years (which is a rare thing for me). Soap and Glory on the packaging mention how the collection contains "mandarin peel extracts" with what I can describe as citrus aromas with sweet undertones of lemon and lavender oil. Despite this, the scent smells like you're expensive perfume and is EXTREMELY strong (which is awesome) and they really have hit the nail when they describe the scent as "pink".  

Within this collection I have the Clean on Me shower gel (both as the normal sized-bottle and the miniature version which I took on holiday), The Righteous Butter body butter plus miniature version, Flake Away body scrub again plus miniature as well as the Righteous Butter Body Lotion. Out of all the range, my all-time favourite is definitely the Righteous Butter body butter. The butter is so thick and instantly moisturises your skin, while the strong scent lingers and lasts for days! I also have to mention the size of the tub and product inside, which is an extremely generous helping. This is definitely for the girly-girls out there.

The Sugar Crush Collection

This collection smells just as it's named, Sugar Crush. The prominent lime makes this a fruity scent with musky undertones of vanilla. This is another strong scent which certainly wakes both you and your skin.

Sugar crush: shower gel, body butter, body scrub, hand lotion
Within the collection, I have the Sugar Crush shower gel miniature, Sugar Crush body butter miniature miniature, Sugar Crush body scrub miniature and the Hand Food in the sugar crush scent. Overall, my favourite product is the body scrub. The smell of the lime when scrubbing your skin really wakes you up and smells good enough to eat (please don't!) However, I also adore the hand food hand lotion which feels so soothing on the hands when massaged slowly - tip massage a pea sized amount onto hands slowly just before bed and you'll be falling sound asleep.

In conclusion, I cannot fault the Soap and Glory bath and body products. The scents are so different that they appeal to everyone and last AGES on the skin, which is what you want with shower products. Even after 2 years, I still haven't become bored of either scents and will continue to use my beloved Soap and Glory products for as long as they keep producing these tubs/bottles/tubes of heaven.

Watch out for next weeks post of my holiday lookbook to Spain.

The Hamptons x

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